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More than Mime is a distinctive and quality inventor of roving, stage & installation acts for events.

With acts that surprise, intrigue & delight people, we bring the extraordinary into everyday life.


More than Mime doesn't just make amazing costumes... we entertain!


More than Mime acts can be enjoyed by anyone willing to be transported to another world for just a moment. We believe in bringing theatre to people who don’t expect it, are not looking for it and who might not otherwise see it… making life more beautiful in this busy world.


More than Mime Theatre makes people go ‘Wow!"


More than Mime offer several points of difference...

a male performer dressed in cartoon character style sits at a table with a roast chicken in front of him. he is breathing a huge ball of fire over it.


All of our other performers are chosen for their outstanding expertise in particular disciplines such as circus, improvisation, theatre, aerials acrobatics and dance.

Many of our acts are performed by the founder of More than Mime, Frans Vogels-the current World Champion of Living Statue

a male performer is dressed as an 18th century photographer. his costume and make up ;look like an old metal wind up doll. he is holding an old camera in the same style and holding a flasher which has a special effect-a little flash and smoke cloud


We invent and make all our own concepts, costumes and props, using unusual materials such as rubber latex.

We use techniques learnt in Europe, making our costumes unlike any you will see in this part of the world.

a male performer is made up to look liken old bronze statue


Our acts are more than just visually stunning. Each one is based on a concept, character or story, making for a high level of theatricality and engagement with the audience.


With over 40 unique, original acts we definitely have the right act to make your event stand out in the crowd.

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