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Entertainment IS Marketing!

2 male performers who are made to look like cartoon characters; one is sitting at a table, the other is a waiter pouring a drink but it's a magic trick-the glass is floating

We understand that entertainment is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool. Used strategically, the value of the entertainment you choose can extend well beyond the fun of the event.


The team at More than Mime Theatre have many years of experience delivering both community and corporate entertainment and we know we can offer you the best acts to maximise the impact of your event.


We would love to discuss your needs and vision with you and help you make the best choices for your event.


We have so many connections in the industry that if we don't have exactly what you are looking for we will know who to recommend.

2 classical french mimes with a pile of louis vuitton bags
a man all in orange including his face pointing to an orange sign which is is a marketing slogan for a company
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